Magnum Standard

The Magnum flowmeter is used in applications ranging from water to fish-plant effluent. The only criteria for its use are that the liquid measured be conductive and that the pipes ranging from size 3" up to 50 " are completey filled. An extra long version is available for pipes up to 120"

Each Magnum is application independent. This means that the Magnum can be moved between different pipe sizes and even different liquids simply by changing a few parameters in the Magio III setup software. It also means that we always have Magnums in stock and ready to ship.

This picture shows the sensor of the Magnum flowmeter with it's universal mounting mechanism This can be used to insert and retract the sensor even under full line pressure. The transmitter beside it houses the electronics and the display and can be mounted up to 150 ft away from the measurement location.

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Magnum IC

The Magnum IC in most respects is technically identical to the Magnum Standard. It can be used in the same applications and pipe sizes with the exception of liquids above 100C.

Instead of housing the electronics in a separate transmitter box it is housed all inside the body of the sensor itself. The advantage is a more compact instrument for remote locations where a local display is not required.

The Magnum IC is also programmed with the the Magio III setup software. It provides the same output and performance as a Magnum Standard.

The Magnum IC also uses the universal mounting mechanism.

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Magnum EX

This is our latest magnetic flowmeter based on the sucessfull Magnum design. Magnum EX is used in hazardous environments and locations (CSA Class I, Div. 1, Ex ia).

In all other respects it has the same features as the standard and IC version Magnum.

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