Magio 3.0 (WinXP to Win7, 32bit)

Zip file. Unpack into its own directory and run setup.exe

Notes: This file contains the complete new version. It can be run as a stand-alone program for demonstration/instruction, however some of the features cannot be enabled unless connected to a Magnum with the required hardware upgrade.

Login name or password
is not required unless you have a Magnum flowmeter with the datalogging option.. 

Magio 3.0 (Win8)

This .zip contains a directory called MSR Magmeter that should be installed on your C:\ drive. It contains the program as well as the Borland database engine needed to run it.

The .reg file is a modification to your registry that lets the Borland DB engine find its configuration file and run with Magio III. (just double click this to install it).

To run find the Magio.exe icon in the MSR Magmeter directory and drag a shortcut to your desktop.


SF Pressure Drop (self extracting *.exe)

Notes: A very handy program to calculate flow, pressure drop and turbulence.


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