MSR Magmeter Magnetic insertion flowmeter
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Insertion magnetic flowmeter for conductive liquids

MSR Magmeter develops and produces magnetic flowmeter for a wide variety of applictions.

The standard Magnum flowmeter for water or any other conductive liquid flowing in pipes up to 50" in diameter.

An extra long version for pipes up to 100"

A high temperature Magnum for black liquor or any other conductive liquid over 200C.

The explosion proof and intrinsically safe Magnum EX for applications in hazardous environments.

The unique universal mounting system common to all versions not only allows installation and removal of the sensor at full line pressure, it also makes it possible to move a single instrument between a number of different applications. With a few mouse clicks in the Magio III interface software a 16" flowmeter can be reconfigured to a 24" flowmeter.



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