MSR Magmeter is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 1983. Originally founded in Germany 
by Paul Mähler, the current President. MSR has 
been developing and marketing  magnetic insertion flowmeters for over 20 years.

Our Mission

To produce a flowmeter that is technically advanced and simple to use.
To produce a flowmeter that is universal for all applications and pipe sizes.
To have our product available and in stock ready to be delivered on short notice. 

Track Record

Hundreds of Magnum flowmeters 
are in use worldwide, mostly in water and water-treatment applications. However, there some more unusual applications, such as for example a submerged 18ft pipe that draws cooling water from Lake Michigan into the Consumers Power plant in West Olive, MI. 

Here are some other examples.

Custom Projects

If numbers warrant we can modify the physical shape and installation method of our flowmeter to suit a particular application. Case in point is the Magnum high temperature version that employs special materials to longer withstand the measuring of black liquor in pulp and paper plants. If you have a special application that requires a magnetic flowmeter, and the Magnum in its present form is not quite suitable. Let us know, and we can probably develop a special alternative version for you.        Send mail