MSR Magmeter
It is frequently assumed that turbulence in flow is a potential handicap for flowmeters. This is not true. In fact turbulence is the normal condition of flow under most circumstances. Laminar flow (the opposite to turbulent) only occurs at very low velocities or very dense liquids. While the overall movement of flow is uniform and steady, turbulence are local disturbances in speed and direction. 

Filtering or averaging of the information the flowmeter receives will create a signal that appears as a straight line. 

If you desire to see a steady line displayed by the Magnum flowmeter it is recommended that you use the "Filter Window"function in the Magio software and set the percentage according to the fluctuation you would like to eliminate. For example if the signal fluctuates +/-2% below and above an average value set your "window to 4%. This will produce a more stable reading.

Imagine a large crowd of people moving down a street. Even tough the overall movement of the crowd will appear uniform there will be some individuals or groups faster or slower then others, perhaps even moving sideways or backwards on occasion. The molecules and stream lines of water behave in very much the same manner.