The final tab recaps all settings the user has just chosen for the flowmeter. Once familiar with the operation of the flowmeter any advanced user can proceed right to this screen and input data here. When done hit "Accept Settings" to communicate the new information to the flowmeter. Unless this button is hit none of the input or changes just made will be communicated to the flowmeter. After a few seconds the flowmeter will reply with a small window: "Settings Accepted".

This is also a convenient place to pre-record settings for a specific instrument or to load an implement settings recorded earlier. For the former, input the desired settings and under the "File" menu chose "Save Settings". A window will appear which will allow the user to save a particular setting in under any name and in any desired directory as a *.MSR file. To load pre-recorded settings choose "Load Settings" from the "File" menu and find the desired file with a *.MSR label. Hit "Apply Settings" to communicate the new data with the Magnum.

If you have a Magnum equipped with datalogger the "Apply Settings" button will bring up a window that gives you a chance to download the information currently stored on the datalogger. Once new settings are applied the datalogger will be cleared. This is meant to insure that the records kept by the logger are consistent for one specific application.

The "Default Settings" will return both software and flowmeter (if connected) to the factory settings with which they were shipped.

The "Revert Back" button will revert to the settings last stored in the Magnum flowmeter.


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