Flow Config. II deals with the output signals supplied by the Magnum flowmeter. The user has a choice between standard 4-20mA or 0-20mA analog output. 20mA will automatically correspond to 100% of your chosen range and 4 (0) to zero flow. Magnum can also supply this output for reverse, i.e. "Two Way" flow, in which case the output must be switched between two external gauges using the alarm as the switchover relay. The wiring diagram to the lower right of the window shows exactly how this needs to be set up. When there is no flowmeter connected the "Test Devices" buttons will be inactive. If a Magnum is attached you can test the 4-20mA and pulse outputs. You can also determine the exact length of pulse Magnum supplies based on the requirements of your externel hardware. The alarm setting allows you to program one of the pulse outputs to act as an alarm switch if the flow hits a certain minimum or maximum flow. When done hit "Continue" to move to the next tab.


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