The "Live Feed" screen is the default start-up screen of the Magio 3.0. It is only active when a connection with a Magnum flowmeter has been established. If the software is being used for training and demonstration purposes, or for pre-recording flowmeter settings the following is what you will see. If a Magnum is attached to a serial port of your computer click on the "Connect" menu and click on "Open Channel". You may see a message stating that the configured serial port is invalid. This can be caused if the Magio software is unable to recognize the ports on your PC, but is usually no cause for concern. Simply click "OK" and the default Com. (usually com. 1) will be selected regardless (see more important info on port selection HERE).  The software will automatically download all existing settings from the flowmeter and the display will become syncronized.

Once the flowmeter has been configured for volume an additional totalizer window will become visible left of the velocity window; as well as an "eraser" button, allowing clearing of the totalizer.

The units displayed on this screen depend on the settings the Magnum has once it is connected to Magio 3.0 or which ever you subsequently decide on using. The above is the original default screen.

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