Ordinarily the Magnum flowmeter should be ready to operate right out of the box and should not require any maintenance or service. The Magnum has no measurement drift and consequently no re-calibration should ever be required. Still there is a few matters of common sense that you may take into amount:

1) If the flowmeter is intended to be moved frequently it may be a good idea to grease the thread of the Universal mounting mechanism. If it is intended to stay in place this may not be necessary.

2) If the liquid being measured contains matter that could collect on the sensor or electrodes (fiber, grease or mineral build-up) it may be advisable to remove and clean the sensor periodically as part of your regular maintenance procedures. This very much depends on your specific application and we can give no recommendation as to how often this should be done. Here is a demonstration of how to dis-assemble Magnum.

3) If something is not working as you believe it is supposed to contact the manufacturer first and if the problem cannot be solved over the phone arrange to return the instrument to our factory for a free check-up (freight not included). Do not attempt to modify or repair any part of the instrument yourself or the warranty will become void.