If your Magnum is equipped with datalogging you will receive a password that will enable an additional tab in the MAGIO 3.0 software. Currently the capacity of the chip is about 20,000 recordings (about 14 days at 1 minute log frequency). The data remains stored even when the power is turned off. The interface below permitts the setting of date and time at which the log starts and the download of the stored data to a text file that can then be further processed by programs such as MS Excell or others.

1) Starting date: The date at which your recording will start in this format (DD:MM:YY)
        Y2K note: Although the program displays only the last two digits of the year, it actually stores all four digits and is fully
        Y2K compliant.

2) Starting time: Time at which your recording will start (H:MM:SS)
        Note: The datalogger should be initialized at the measurement location. You should be aware that if
        the datalogger is setup elsewhere and then later restarted at the measurement location the time index will be off.

3) Log frequency: 0-999 minutes interval between recordings. 0 = datalogger disabled

4) Transmit: Send datalogger settings to flowmeter.
        Note: Whenever any settings are changed (flowmeter or datalogger) the instrument assumes it is being set up for a new
        application. In each case you will be prompted to download all recent data and clear the datalogger.  New settings
        cannot be transmitted until the logger has been cleared.

The remaining functions are quite self explanatory. The download file will have the extension *.msr, but will be a simple text file which also includes setup information about the flowmeter with wich the recording was made. Depending in the amount of stored data some operations including the download itself may take a few minutes. You will have options to change the name of the file and where it will be stored.

Your data download will look something like this: