The Magnum Flowmeter is made up of a sensor, transmitter, mounting mechanism and cables.

The Sensor is usually mounted inside the universal mounting mechanism (Universal for short) ready for installation. The sensor consists of a 1.5" 316 stainless steel tube, which houses the magnetic coil. The KYNAR or PEEK end-piece closes this tube at the end which is inserted into the liquid. The Hastelloy or 316 SS electrodes protrude from the end-piece and pick up the voltage, i.e. signal produced by the movement of the conductive liquid through the magnetic field generated by the magnetic coil. The cable which leads to the transmitter portion of the Magnum is sealed into the other end of the sensor.

The Universal allows the attachement to and insertion into any pipe through a 2" NPT tap and ball-valve. The Universal consists of several parts. The threaded body (anodized aluminum), the nipple (316 stainless steel), which connects to the ball-valve of the 2" tap, and fitted with a ball bearing mechanism permitts free rotation of the sensor and upper part of the mounting mechanism. The nipple also contains 2 o-rings of different materials depending on the application, which seal the sensor and the outside world from the line pressure inside the pipe.  Two nuts (anodized aluminum) are used to insert the sensor, hold it in place against line pressure, and lock it into position.

The Transmitter consists of an anodized aluminum NEMA 4 enclosure. It houses the digital electronic boards which drive the magnetic coil of the sensor and process the information it receives. A 128 x 128 pixel graphic display is mounted on the front of the transmitter. Two 5-pin connectors on the left side of the transmitter provide access for the sensor cable and the PC/Magio interface cable. The 10 pin connector on the right-hand side of the transmitter receives power-in (12-24V DC) and provides signal outputs (4-20mA, RS232, pulse, alarm). A standard of 10 metres of 2 pair separate shielded cable connect the sensor and transmitter. The maximum length of this cable may not exceed 50 metres.

The PC interface cable allows connection of the Magnum transmitter to any IBM based PC via an available serial port. The Magio 3.0 interface software is required.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The sensor, cable and transmitter of the Magnum are integral and matched. The sensor will not function without the transmitter. It will also not function accurately without the exact transmitter and cable with which it was originally calibrated. The sensor-transmitter cable is part of the flowmeter calibration. It may not be cut or modified or the Warranty will become void! To change cable length for a particular application the instrument (Sensor, cable and transmitter must be returned to the factory.